About Us

About Us
We are a unique partnership created with the sole intention of filling a gaping void in the Forex industry, by doing something totally different; focusing entirely on long-term success and true transparency.   Read more
Our Values
Our team comes from a very diverse background. We have been through a lot together. We have a code of conduct in which we always promise to uphold.  Our values ultimately help us to attract and retain quality partners, develop quality relationships with the appropriate clients, and protect and enhance our reputation.   Read more
Why Work with Us
Collectively, our team is literally composed of pioneers and key figures in the Forex industry with a presence on 4 continents, and no other company to our knowledge has our level of experience and expertise. We are not interested in making a quick buck. We are on a dedicated mission to achieve excellence in all of our endeavours here and we won’t be satisfied unless we achieve this on a long-term basis and live up to our own personal high standards.   Read more
Our Clients
We cater to a large and expanding client base. Our model is structured so as to offer something for everyone – from the smallest new Forex trader looking to start out and learn about the markets, all the way to larger financial institutions, hedge fund managers, and high net worth individuals who are looking to gain access to diverse FX products.   Read more








About Us

We are a unique team created with the sole intention of filling a gaping void in the Forex industry, by doing something totally different; focusing entirely on long-term success and true transparency.

About Us

Managed Forex Hub, is the result of a strategic partnership between several investors, traders, and industry professionals. Each party brought diverse talents, experience and networks to the table with a common vision of bringing value to alternative investments through innovation and strong relationships. To our knowledge we are one of the only firms specializing in Managed Forex trading who;

1.) Show our trading performance, live, and in real time (for true transparency).
2.) Invest our own funds in the programs we offer.

We realize that the modern investor today generally recognizes that diversified market exposure can help their portfolios respond to today’s demanding market environments. We have created this project in response to this, and to assist investors in accessing lucrative and unique alternative investments which may not typically be available to the average investor.


Managed Forex Hub is the web name / dba for APH Ltd. which are an appointed Research and Development (Analysis) company focusing primarily on analytics, emerging traders, and managed trading products. Managed Forex Hub is also an IB (introducing broker) to Mt.Cook Financial, who are quickly becoming a leading multi-fauceted Service Provider focusing on unique industry segments, including 1). Risk Management in the financial markets, 2.) Proprietary Technology in the financial markets, and 3.) Custom Clearing Services.


As our name suggests, our specialty involves the foreign exchange market, and our team includes a network of professionals with extensive practical experience and formal education in the alternative investment and trading industry. The company has ample experience as investors and traders, broker/dealers, as well as money managers, investment consultants, designers of trading systems, analysts, and educators. The full group works very closely with various stakeholders in the industry and are always building and growing their network of contacts.