Just like sailing. »Boring« for some, while others prefer a sleep easy approach. Our main strategies have been intensely tested, and designed with the requirements of big clients in mind. Longer term and conservative.

By using the Blitz method , every client can have individual settings. Higher or lower risk than the default, and stop at any level our clients like.


Every strategy is additionally verified by  – a professional 3rd party verification system that tracks trading performance, demonstrating real-time trading and verified results.

Brief: Diversified with 20+ trading algorithms, our strategy has a proven track record and delivers stable returns. It’s a popular choice among institutional clients and smaller accounts alike, providing good diversification for any portfolio.

  • Risk Profile: Medium Risk
  • Style: Automated
  • Available currencies: USD
  • Minimum deposit: 3,000 USD

Suitable for diverse investors. Popular with institutional and smaller accounts. Strong track record, stable returns, customizable risk parameters.

  • Minimum Investment: $3,000 USD 
  • Available currencies: USD
  • Performance Fee: 35% High Water Mark
  • Management Fee: 3.6% per year, charged monthly
  • Front Load Fee: 1% on the deposit
  • Customizable Risk and Equity Protection available

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