Fund Performances

We believe firmly in non-correlated diversification within the FX markets. This is accomplished by spreading an investment across multiple non-correlated trading strategies such as those from our proven portfolio below, or alternatively by simply investing with the MFH Balanced Fund (which is essentially a mutli-managed account “index fund” consisting of the average of most of our core funds). This helps greatly to reduce portfolio volatility and mitigate downside risk.

By taking a multi-strategy approach, we feel we can largely maximize profit and minimize risk within our and our client’s portfolios. The chance of an overall negative monthly average return (although very possible), is greatly reduced with a simple weighted diversification strategy. Therefor our programs compliment each other and most importantly, they work synergistically together!

For further information, please visit each fund’s dedicated page on the following links:

Brava Fund | Nova Fund | Dominion Fund | Bliss Forex | MFH Balanced Fund


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