Our Funds

Here is an overview of our Managed FX funds, offered here at MFH.  Read more
Brava Fund
BRAVA FUND is the second (and highly anticipated) program from the brilliant developers behind the Stone Fund. They had set a simple and lofty goal for this project – to try to out-perform their original creation, and the Brava Fund was released in Feb 2015 in an attempt to achieve this goal. This is a new algorithmic momentum based strategy with many advanced features which target the G7 currency basket.   Read more
Nova Fund
NOVA FUND utilizes two strategies congruently to capture pips during multiple market sessions. The first strategy is a technical swing strategy which can trade across any trading session. The second is a scalping strategy, which looks to seize multiple small profit targets using larger position sizes during quieter ranging markets. The two strategies complement each other creating strong synergy.  Read more
Dominion Fund
DOMINION FUND is a sophisticated quantitative trading model that capitalizes on inefficiencies in price by exploiting reoccurring patterns found across all major currency pairs. It uses complex machine learning, and data mining tools, and is extremely risk-adverse and trades with a highly favorable risk-adjusted rate of return. In our view, it one of the most advanced algos in the industry. Read more
Bliss Forex
BLISS FOREX is a new trading strategy which is highly specialized in its nature by focusing on trading a single currency pair only. It has a large human / discretionary element to it, and it trades in “baskets of orders” which are short term in duration (reducing market exposure) and based on technical analysis and the inter-relationship between various currencies and other markets. Read more
MFH Balanced Fund
MFH BALANCED FUND is our flagship product and includes a custom diversification and automatic monthly re-balancing of our core funds above, as well as occasionally having other strategies mixed in. This is the easiest way for investors to properly diversify across all of our top performing core funds and build a complete, properly diversified, fully managed, and non-correlated FX portfolio. It is the preferred “one stop shop” for investment.  Read more






NEW – Dominion Fund and FX Renegade

Note that while the Dominion Fund is still available for investment, clients in the Dominion Fund can now diversify by investing in the FX Renegade fund as well. Both Funds are listed below, and diversify very nicely in terms of correlation.








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