In the world we live today, nearly everything has become easier. Here at “The Hub” we believe it is about time that alternative investing should follow suit.

We have cut out the noise, cut out the middle men, and aligned our interests with investors. This makes the experience both simple and pleasurable so we can all invest with confidence, and then go about our lives.


Decide How Much You Want To Invest

You can start out with a lump sum, or top up your investment as frequently as you like. Don’t worry, there are no lock-in periods or early exit fees and you can take your money out whenever you like. Get started with as little as $5,000 USD (or equivalent in EUR, GBP, and AUD).


Open Your Own Investment Account

Your account(s). Your name. Safe. Private. Secure. Open a fully Segregated Managed Investment Account with our regulated FCMs (brokers). Quick online digital applications with same day approval, and multiple funding options to get you started instantly. Keep your investment account in USD, EUR, GBP, AUD denominations (no need for costly conversions outside of your home currency).


Choose Your Trading System

Select the fund(s) you want to invest with from our short list of Core vetted strategies, or longer list of house made algos or market place managers. Sign an LPOA granting your chosen fund manager “trade only” access on your accounts, which can be revoked at any time! Customize your preferred risk tolerance for each fund, and protect your downside for each with a hard equity stop loss.


Go Live Your Life!

We got it covered from here! Our core strategies are purposely designed to let you sleep easy and go about your life. Your funds are being managed by some of the industry’s top talent with downside risk that is clearly defined and systematically limited. Furthermore, your capital is always safe and secure and held in trust / custodianship with highly reputable counter-parties.

The rest of the investment process can quite literally function on full auto-pilot (including no-fee rebalancing if desired). You can relax and put the real power of compound interest to work throughout the investment journey now. Our revolutionary risk management software removes the emotional element from the investment process, and does all of the heavy lifting.

Need help? Contact us at any time for free on-demand help, or assistance in building a customized and fully diversified Managed Forex Portfolio.

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