In addition to a superior feed, our chosen broker offers a bespoke account management tool called Hybrid PAMM, which provides a substantial advantage to our project and ultimately everyone involved:








Hybrid PAMM is a big step up from the classic PAMM, as it provides additional safety features that the modern investor should always have. The account can be set exactly to fit the requirements of each client, and it’s all done directly in the backoffice:

Ability to set the risk multiplier.

Set your account to be either more aggressive, or more conservative than the master account of your chosen PAMM.

Ability to set the hard stop for each individual account.

Know exactly how much capital you are prepared to risk.

Option to detach from the PAMM.

Put an instant stop to the trading in case you’re not comfortable with the performance. Do it all in your backoffice.

The PAMM’s accounting is completely automated, and there is nothing that the client needs to do. The User’s Manual for the PAMM is HERE.


Hybrid PAMM is important also for the IB Affiliates, as all accounting is done automatically, therefore Affliates’ commissions and fees are always charged accurately and in time. IB Affiliates have their own commission accounts where they collect the commissions from their introduced clients, and can withdraw them at any time.


With its versatility, The Hybrid PAMM offers important advantages to the Money Managers. Here are the key benefits:

– Any MT4 account can become a PAMM master account.

It’s easy to become a PAMM manager. Switching an MT4 account into a PAMM master makes no difference to the original account in terms of trading, while it adds a huge value by having an option to manage other clients’ accounts.

– Each managed account attached to the master can have its own settings.

This means one master MT4 account, and unlimited number of managed accounts attached to it, while each managed account can have its own individual commission and fee structure. This makes one MT4 account potentially a master to an unlimited number of different PAMMs.or the accounting.

– Traders/Managers only need to trade their own MT4 account. No distractions.

It’s like a signal service, but better – Deposits, withdrawals, different managed account settings don’t affect the master MT4 account. All trades are going through to the managed accounts in the background, in one block, so there is no lag. And without causing any distraction to the manager’s main account. Focus remains only on trading.

– Individual multipliers.

Each account on the PAMM can have its own multiplier, therefore it can copy trades from the master either more aggressively or more conservatively. It is up to each client’s personal preference.

– Individual stop out levels.

Each account on the PAMM can have its own stop out level, therefore each client can set their own protection, exactly to their risk appetite.

– Fully automated accounting.

Full automation takes care of this part, and the trader will receive their commission/fee portion to their own commission account. Trader’s focus should be only on trading, and there is zero work required for the accounting.

Traders with existing MT4 accounts, or even existing PAMMs at our brokerage, can become money managers for Managed Forex Hub. Please feel free to send us your account report at, and we will have your trading analyzed. If your trading checks all the boxes, you will have a chance to become one of our featured traders.

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