Amidst the peaceful landscapes of Slovenia, a nation known for its tranquility, an unprecedented catastrophe has shattered lives and communities. On August 4th, 2023, a devastating flood wreaked havoc, claiming lives, injuring many, and leaving over 4,000 homes and properties in ruins. The suddenness of this disaster has left countless families without shelter, their dreams washed away by the relentless forces of nature. READ MORE



Our Analyst’s story

August 4th 2023. I was on my way home from a business trip. It was a chilly summer day, and the rain seemed relentless. As I neared home, things got worse. Roads turned into torrents, leaving me searching for an alternate path just to get home. The streets had transformed into wild rivers! I had to go through a hill and a forest to reach my neighborhood. From there, I looked down and saw the unimaginable. Houses turned into islands, and a new raging river had taken over. With an unforgettable awful smell, carrying a mix of filth, feces, oil, and people’s belongings. It was like a scene from a horror film.
I could only watch helplessly as the water wreaked havoc on everything I knew. Hours later, as the water receded, I finally reached my apartment. The sight was heart-wrenching. My place was ruined, and my belongings were gone. My car had been tossed aside, a wreck in the chaos. Fences were nowhere to be seen; it was all a vast, muddy field.
My apartment was on the ground floor, now lost to the flood, but I found refuge upstairs. The relentless rain kept us on edge, fearing the water might rise again. Firefighters and volunteers rushed in, pumping water, placing sandbags—heroes in our time of need. The night was a nightmare, worrying about what was lost and what more could be lost if the rain persisted. Sleep came fitfully, as we checked water levels and felt even more vulnerable because of the fallen doors.
Daybreak brought a chance to rebuild. The flood washed away differences between neighbors, uniting us. Thank you to the firefighters, the army, and every volunteer! You became our friends, our helping hands when we needed them most.
Our area remained like a warzone and we worked day and night to make a difference. Yet, a long road remains ahead. Insurance let us all down, and our future is in our hands. Our homes will dry, and we’ll rebuild and clean, erasing the bad smell of the flood. But the fear of another deluge remains, especially as we brace for the next wave in the fall.

Charitable Foundation and Immediate Aid

We have aligned ourselves with kindred spirits and embarked on the journey of establishing our charitable foundation. While the process of creating this foundation is underway, we recognize the urgent need for immediate assistance. To make a meaningful impact, we are pledging a significant portion of our earnings to aid those affected by the Slovenian flood. Through this initiative, clients won’t notice any impact on their profits – it’s a contribution that comes directly from our commitment.

How People Can Help:

You have the power to extend a helping hand in two distinct ways. For those who prefer a seamless approach, our managed accounts offer an opportunity to contribute effortlessly. By choosing this option, you not only open a pathway to potential profits but also play an integral role in our charitable efforts. Alternatively, self-directed traders can open accounts through our platform, enabling us to direct our rebates towards the charitable organizations assisting Slovenia. As the first step in our mission, Slovenia will receive our support, and we’ll continue to expand our reach to help others in need.


Join the journey of impact with a Managed Account. Keep your profits intact while making a real difference. Your trading conditions remain unchanged, but the commissions earned will fuel our charitable mission, bringing hope and support to those in need. When opening your account, include ‘FOR SLOVENIA‘ in the notes to direct your contribution.

Your actions can change lives – together, we’re stronger.

Explore self directed trading


Empower your trades to empower lives. Open a self-directed account and trade with purpose. As you navigate the markets, know that your trades also steer towards helping those who need it most. When opening your account, include ‘FOR SLOVENIA‘ in the notes to direct your contribution.

Unchanged trading, meaningful impact – a powerful combination for a brighter future.

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Be a catalyst for change by sharing our cause. Every share, every conversation, amplifies our mission to rebuild lives and communities. Your voice has the power to inspire others to stand with us. Together, we create a ripple effect of positive transformation.

Spread the word and be a force for good.


Spread the Word

Join us in creating a ripple effect of change. Share this message with your network, amplify our cause, and encourage others to stand alongside us. Every share, every conversation, and every action taken will contribute to rebuilding lives and restoring hope.

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