The Blitz Method: Optimizing and Securing Your Gains

We’ve developed the Blitz Method to harness the unique capabilities of our Hybrid PAMM platform. While many strategies deliver impressive results, they often come with elevated levels of risk. The Blitz Method empowers individual clients to take control, allowing them to scale a strategy up or down, aligning it precisely with their risk tolerance.

Optimizing Gains

The Hybrid PAMM enables clients to customize their risk profile by using the risk multiplier. This means clients can individually adjust the level of risk, making it either higher or lower than the original strategy they are following. For those seeking higher returns, they can set the multiplier higher.

Minimizing Losses

With the Hybrid PAMM, clients have the ability to set the stop level, ensuring they don’t risk more than they’re comfortable with. While it’s important to allow a strategy some flexibility, clients with a more conservative approach can set the stop level closer to their initial investment, defining their own loss limits.

Optimize capital protection

Another powerful feature is the option for an ‘Additional Profit Storage Account.’ This unique account allows clients to lock in profits from their trading account, safeguarding them from market exposure. These locked-in profits remain secure.

For a detailed guide on how to set up your account using the Hybrid PAMM and Blitz Method, please refer to the Hybrid PAMM User Manual HERE.

Aggressive or conservative. It is designed for optimization!

Examples for Different Risk Appetites

Here are examples of how clients with varying risk appetites can leverage the Blitz Method to tailor their strategies:

High-Risk Client:

  • Sets the Multiplier to a higher level for increased profit potential.

  • Sets the Stop Level lower to provide more room for the strategy.

  • Transfers profits to the Profit Storage Account less frequently, aiming for account growth.

Low-Risk Client:

  • Sets the Multiplier to a lower level for reduced risk.

  • Sets the Stop Level higher to protect capital and limit potential losses.

  • Transfers profits to the Profit Storage Account more frequently, prioritizing capital preservation.

The Blitz Method is versatile and can be applied to aggressive, moderate, or conservative strategies. Clients have the flexibility to choose between quick gains with aggressive strategies or steady, stable results with conservative ones. It all depends on each client’s individual preferences and risk appetite.

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