Stand Together for Slovenia’s Recovery: Join Our Compassionate Cause


Slovenia, a country known for its serene landscapes, is facing an unprecedented crisis. While you might recognize it as the homeland of Luka Dončić or Anže Kopitar, today it needs our support more than ever. The worst natural disaster in its history has claimed lives, injured many, and left over 4,000 homes and apartments in ruins. Thousands of people have been forced to leave their homes, seeking safety.

For most of us, Slovenia’s struggle is seen through news reports. However, for us, it’s deeply personal. One of our cherished analysts hails from one of the hardest-hit areas and has lost everything. This tragedy has hit home harder than ever before, compelling us to take action.

In a world where some companies offer extravagant rewards, our values are grounded in compassion. The urgency of the situation has accelerated our plans to establish a charitable foundation. We’re now channeling a significant portion of our earnings towards charitable causes, beginning with Slovenia.

While assistance is pouring in, the wounds run deep. Insurance falls short of covering the extent of the damage, leaving families burdened with overwhelming losses. While we can’t solve every problem, we firmly believe that every small act of kindness matters.

We extend an invitation to you to stand alongside us and be an active part of the solution. Whether you choose to trade independently or opt for a managed account where we handle the work, know that a substantial portion of the commissions will be dedicated to charity, without impacting your trading conditions. The costs are on us; the impact is yours to share.

You have the remarkable opportunity to make a difference while also profiting. Moreover, you possess the power to extend your hand to other causes or simply spread the word among your friends and networks. Let’s unite in spreading this message, generating ripples of change that extend far and wide.


Spread the word. Share the hope.


Invite others to be a part of the solution, whether by joining us, supporting other charities, or simply sharing this message. Together, we can create a wave of support that reaches those who need it most.

How People Can Help:

You have the power to extend a helping hand in two distinct ways. For those who prefer a seamless approach, our managed accounts offer an opportunity to contribute effortlessly. By choosing this option, you not only open a pathway to potential profits but also play an integral role in our charitable efforts. Alternatively, self-directed traders can open accounts through our platform, enabling us to direct our rebates towards the charitable organizations assisting Slovenia. As the first step in our mission, Slovenia will receive our support, and we’ll continue to expand our reach to help others in need.


Join the journey of impact with a Managed Account. Keep your profits intact while making a real difference. Your trading conditions remain unchanged, but the commissions earned will fuel our charitable mission, bringing hope and support to those in need. When opening your account, include ‘FOR SLOVENIA‘ in the notes to direct your contribution.

Your actions can change lives – together, we’re stronger.

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Empower your trades to empower lives. Open a self-directed account and trade with purpose. As you navigate the markets, know that your trades also steer towards helping those who need it most. When opening your account, include ‘FOR SLOVENIA‘ in the notes to direct your contribution.

Unchanged trading, meaningful impact – a powerful combination for a brighter future.

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Be a catalyst for change by sharing our cause. Every share, every conversation, amplifies our mission to rebuild lives and communities. Your voice has the power to inspire others to stand with us. Together, we create a ripple effect of positive transformation.

Spread the word and be a force for good.


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