FX Market Place

Traders From The Crowd

A dedicated venue for connecting established and
emerging traders with prospective investors.

Risk Warning

Please note that our qualification requirements are much lighter here. Thus, caution and user discretion is advised when participating with traders in the FX Marketplace as the same level of scrutiny has not been applied as on our other systems (please conduct your own analysis).

Traders of all Styles

With many years in the Managed Accounts space, Managed Forex Hub has become a destination not only for clients seeking traders but for traders looking for capital to manage.

Our Manager Selection process however is highly regimented and the vast majority of traders who apply unfortunately never get the opportunity to manage one of our accounts.

This has nothing to do with their abilities specifically, but if something (even one small detail) doesn’t fit our general qualification profile – the buck stops there.

For example, manually (human) traded strategies, or strategies that target higher returns and consequently experience higher drawdowns may not fit our specific criteria, but that doesn’t mean they won’t have a captive audience.

Rather than trading in obscurity we decided to shine a spotlight on some these talented individuals and give them an opportunity to showcase their abilities and attract capital.

Want to List and Trade on The FX Marketplace?

While investors can get started below, traders wanting to list their strategies here can focus exclusively on trading (isn’t that how it should be!). Traders can now build a captive audience while we look after everything else. If you are interested in joining our team of Marketplace Traders, please contact us for more information.

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