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Brokerage Account Opening

Currently Managed Forex Hub trades at the following brokerages;



Our recommendation – Mt.Cook!

For accounts less than (<) $500,000 USD in size, and non-institutional accounts we recommend Mt.Cook Financial as our preferred brokerage of choice. For accounts greater than (>) $500,000 USD in size, and ECP investment, investors can choose between Divisa Capital or Mt.Cook Financial (contact us for qualification criteria for Divisa). In most cases however, we recommend Mt.Cook as our preferred choice for all investors a few main reasons.

  1.  They provide the exact same liquidity source from Divisa to trade on (they white label Divisa’s liquidity source), yet with better trade execution. And;
  2.  They support our highly sought-after risk management tools (i.e., you can choose your deposit currency of USD, EUR, GBP, and AUD. You can customize your risk level on our funds, and you can protect your account from downside risk with hard equity stop losses). This makes it extremely easy and safe to build and customize trading portfolios. Lastly;
  3. Their service is the absolute best in the entire industry.

To get started please follow the 2 steps below.


To get started you must open and fund a trading account at Mount Cook (you can fund in USD, EUR, GBP, or AUD). Please select one of the applications below. Applications are online/digital and take approximately 5 minutes. Choose your application type to begin.

* Note: when asked for “Account Type” on your application, select: “I am an investor in a Managed Account”.
When asked for the name of your manager, type: “Managed Forex Hub”. – This will help to expedite your application.

After your account has been approved (usually within 24 hours) you can proceed to step 2.


The final step required to attach your account(s) to any of our Managed Trading Programs is to submit the required LPOA (limited power of attorney) document. This step must be done AFTER your account has been approved by Mt.Cook’s compliance department. This document is the legal document that grants us permission to trade your account on your behalf.

Once your account has been approved, funded, and you have signed the LPOA, your accounts will be connected to our strategies and you will begin receiving our trades. Please contact us if you need any assistance along the way.

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