We take transparency seriously around here, which means we keep our pricing and terms simple and straightforward. No asterisks or small print here.

High Watermark Performance Fees

We charge one simple all-inclusive fee for everything. We believe that fees should be earned and that the interests of managers should always be aligned with those of their clients.

Each of our funds is designed with the best interests of our investors in mind. You won’t find any high volume systems that exist primarily to churn out commissions for the broker and traders; our full team has bought in wholeheartedly to our “client-centric” approach.

We only make money, when you make money. The fee we charge is called a High Water Mark “Incentive Fee”, often referred to as a High Water Mark “Performance Fee”. We have two types of accounts to chose from: Basic and Connoisseur Grade, and this fee varies per fund and ranges between 25%-35%.

Covering every function of our service, inclusive of…

  • Account opening
  • Investment management
  • Portfolio construction
  • Re-balancing
  • Advice
  • Ongoing service and support as required

The only other fees incurred, are ones levied by 3rd parties for deposits/withdrawals (i.e., Visa/Master card charges, bank wire fees from your bank, Union Pay etc…), and any spread and/or transactional fees charged by our executing brokers, which is standard practice at virtually all FCMs and Brokers.

Two Account Types and Fees


Lets be honest – It’s a big waste of everyone’s time to have to sift through pages of “fine print” and line-item charges in order to understand the fees you are being charged (or uncover hidden ones). We don’t believe in nickel and dime charges for admin, service, maintenance or whatever other terms might be used to justify fees. Simplicity and transparency is our goal and we are happy to have clients pay only after they have received tangible value.

We don’t believe in paying up to x% per year in Management Fees either, only to get “leading-edge” investment management from someone who won’t give you even a small percentage of their time (and in return probably deliver lack-lustre performance at best). Rather, we aim to to keeping our overhead low, rely on the testimony of satisfied clients and partners, utilize smart technology, and produce funds that deliver real, solid performance.

By focusing on the cake, and not the icing, we do not need to charge these burdensome fees, and can pass the savings on to intelligent investors. Furthermore, our model clearly demonstrates our confidence in the ability of our funds to produce results. Thus, our income is the hands of our fund managers, much the same as your profits are; so we are all reaching for the same prize!

Hidden Fees & Hidden Agendas Tally Up!

Regular advisors and brokers often only recommend investments that give them the highest commissions, or they’ll choose high-load instruments for their clients. Similarly, many alternative investment advisors only provide high volume systems to their clients to reap transactional fees (our core/vetted funds are all low volume). And to top it off, both are notorious for dinging you with ludicrous and complex fees every step of the process, and in frequent intervals.

There is a good chance you may be paying some, if not all, of these hidden fees. It’s time to put your foot down, because over time traditional advisory and even mutual fund fees that look like minor or as insignificant percentages can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in both lost investment capital and opportunity. Don’t let industry driven intentional complexity eat up years of your retirement or hard earned savings.

Invest with those who are truly aligned with you, and keep it simple!

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