Investing with an Impact

Someone once hypothetically asked us, what would you rather invest in?


A company which manufactures high tech weapons used for war, but … which holds potential for extremely lucrative returns.


Invest in a company which is helping to move the planet forward in a really positive way, but at the expense of increased odds for poor returns.

It is an interesting hypothetical question. For some people this is a no-brainer (on both sides). Others see it as a “heads I win, tails you lose scenario”. It really depends on the person and their objective, and it is something that can be debated upon by some of the world’s biggest philosophers and leading economists until we are all blue in the face.

Our SRI Commitment

All jokes aside, it is no surprise anymore that citizens of the world are concerned about their countries, the world, its people, and the environment. This is exceptionally important to us as well!

Our team ranges in age from young to old and many of us have young children. A growing number of people these days (including us) are looking for more than just a monetary return on their investment. Many are investing to make a positive impact locally and around the world and feel that societal concerns should be made an important part of their investment focus.

This can again can be a complicated process for an average investor.

When choosing stocks to invest in, one can’t just worry about how financially stable a company is and whether its stock is selling at a good price – you must also ask whether it’s a company that’s exploiting people or the planet, or alternatively if it is helping to make the world a better place.

Investing in a way that is both ethical and profitable certainly is possible—it just takes more work for most people. But not for us! We take the easy road yet again (notice the trend here?). We do this together, and keep it simple.

Since we don’t pick stocks or engage in any of that jabber, we simply put a portion of commissions each month (generally around 2-2.5%) in to a fund which is aggressively traded by our core funds, and at the end of each year our investors have a say and vote where the proceeds go!

SRIs are one of the fastest growing asset classes globally today, and there is no wonder why; because it matters to people! Now you can safely and easily diversify your portfolio with sound Alternative Investments, and at the same time feel good about your investments both morally AND financially!

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